About Egg

Eggs are a good source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals that are over 35 different elements and can be used as an important food item in the diets of people to be there.
Enteral value : 76 kcal of energy per medium egg and one egg daily consumption of more than 3 % of energy needs to be supplied by an adult .

Calories 76 Vitamin A 6
Fat 8 Vitamin E 20
Cholesterol (mg) 53 Vitamin D 20
Carbohydrate, ( 0 g ) 0 Vitamin B12 2
Protein ( 5 grams ) 10 Ca 2
Sodium (mg) 2 Fe 4
Iodine 30

Protein : Eggs source of protein Bsyarghny ( 12.5 % weight ) is. Very high biological value protein than other protein sources such as eggs, dairy, meat and beans are rich in essential amino acids to human health is Bvdhv all . Therefore, eggs and other foods that are poor in protein , such as bread , rice, and grains, causing the protein meal is completed .
The quality of the protein in food chart , the 100 is always highest in eggs and other foods as a reference standard for measuring protein used.
 Vitamins : eggs, more vitamins except for vitamin C is needed by the body . Eggs are a good source of vitamins B, A , D and E provides the sufficient and necessary .
 Salts :
Eggs contain all the minerals to meet the individuals health . In particular, a good source of phosphorus , iodine and iodine to make thyroid hormone and phosphorus is better for the growth and health of bones are necessary . It also contains calcium , selenium , iron and zinc as well.
Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are very little egg .
 Fat : 0.8% egg yolk is the fat that makes up less than 0.05 percent are whites .
According to research, 11% of yolk fatty acids from polyunsaturated fatty acids ( with a double bond ) , 44 % of mono- unsaturated fatty acid ( one double bond ) and 29% of saturated fatty acids .
 Cholesterol :
adrenal glands ) , vitamin D and bile salts in our body is necessary . lecithin in lipid transport and metabolism of cholesterol is involved
The remarkable thing is that the bulk of fat in egg yolks, unsaturated type , and no association with hypercholesterolemia are so afraid of cholesterol, eggs and eat one egg a day .

their . For workers , athletes , children and adolescents growing daily consumption of one egg is needed .

Even in people who have high blood cholesterol eggs should be discontinued and the patients can receive 3-2 per week . Lowering cholesterol intake through food , local synthesis of cholesterol in the body is increased even more than before .