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Problems of food production and distribution, especially those that are produced in different seasons , different amounts , food processing industries ( such as eggs ) as the best solution to balance supply and demand, eliminate variables , reducing product waste sometimes reducing pollution and peak seasons Mykrvbylvzhyky product is introduced . This past away due to food producers and food businesses into ways to encourage and methods such as drying, salt and profits and so are the results .

Production and distribution of eggs is always faced with problems of great volatility , so that the price of this product in different seasons to arrive 2 . The fluctuations due to many problems , including lack of appropriate facilities for the storage of the product and the absence of processing industries , where every year large quantities of fresh eggs were sacrificed to the absence of the conditions .

This company established in 1386 to encourage COLD Corp protein than an egg processing plant construction in the industrial town of al-Khwarizmi action. After extensive research , the company decided to contract with a leading European company OVOBEL NV to buy machinery ( fully automatic) , technology transfer and technical knowledge at the end of the year to produce a mixture of pasteurized liquid egg yolk and egg whites as well separation demand for consumer companies such as cakes, cookies , mayonnaise, sausages , etc., should be .

After great success in the consumer supply pasteurized liquid egg big factories , in 1391, the company decided to expand and diversify package to attract and expand the supply of its products were . So purchased and installed in various packaging machinery , at present, the capabilities of pasteurized liquid egg in capacities of 2 and 3 -liter bottles and cups 200 grams , for domestic use , restaurants, hotels , catering , etc. also has .

Given that eggs have high nutritional value and is good at the end of 1391, the company decided to buy a European import automatic machines , baking , and was peeling the eggs . " Boiled egg and no new skin " produced in a hygienic environment , and " for the first time in Iran and the Middle East, " in packages of 1 to 150 numbers for use as daily meals and serving in factories, the school , corporate offices , hotels , hospitals, restaurants, fitness clubs , etc., are available to consumers .